Design is in the Code

by José Carlos Joaquim

Web/Mobile agencies done right

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Two great examples of Digital Agencies. Both case studies sections are not only a joy to look at but they also convey meaning to otherwise boring information about the UX/UI/Development processes. Be sure to check them out.

Read More… | Anybody can learn

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Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code.

Campus Quad iPhone app

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We developed a social app for a new startup called Campus Quad that lets students explore what’s happening on campus – in real time.

Apps Are Creating New Jobs

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A good read about the services revolving around specific applications in the different mobile stores, markets or whatever it is yours is called.

Google Glasses

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CSS PhotoEditor for new features of iOS6

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Hello, my name is José Carlos Joaquim and I'm a iOS and Ruby developer working in Paris. I'm passionate about my wife and kids, technology and I really appreciate cheese.

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