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by José Carlos Joaquim

Why You Should Pick Your Own Boss

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The simple reasons why your boss matters more than you realize are:
- A good boss in a mediocre company will protect you and support you on a daily basis.
- A bad boss in a good company will frustrate and demoralize you on a daily basis.

Great advice for those looking for a job change.

Technical Debt Will Kill You (If You Let It)

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A good piece of opinion about the choices made on early stages of any given project.


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Yet another great small library. Built after Backbone.js it eases the pain of updating the UI each time a model’s data changes.
Have a look and be sure to read the blog post about it.


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A great library to every iOS Developer toolbox.

Underscore.m is a small utility library to facilitate working with common data structures in Objective-C. It tries to encourage chaining by eschewing the square bracket]]]]]].
It is inspired by the awesome underscore.js.
Underscore.m was written by Robert Böhnke, it is MIT licensed.

Why We’ll Never Stop Talking About Steve Jobs

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Even when we don’t discuss Jobs directly, he is still in our conversations. If you talk about mobile anything, you’re talking about Steve Jobs. Ditto Chinese manufacturing, digital animation, user interfaces, apps, hardware design — even the stock market itself, which is now firmly dominated by Apple, the metric against which all other companies are measured. There’s not an important mainstream technology product or service out there right now that isn’t a result of or response to Steve Jobs. It’s not so much that we want to keep talking about him; it’s that there’s no avoiding it.

iOS: A visual history

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A great timeline of the iOS evolution throughout the years. Beautifully done.

Shell Apps and Silver Bullets

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This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the subject. Personally I like to think of it as the Lowest common denominator.

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