design is in the code

  • Cello - Higher level programming in C

    The high level stucture of Cello projects is inspired by Haskell, while the syntax and semantics are inspired by Python and Obj-C. Cello isn’t about Object Orientation in C, but I hope that with Cello I’ve turned C into something of a dynamic and powerful functional language which it may have once been. Although the syntax is pleasant, Cello isn’t a library for beginners. It is for C power users, as manual memory management doesn’t play nicely with many higher-order concepts.

  • Game Dev Tycoon - Best anti Piracy move ever!

    In a move that has genious written all over Greenheart Games took some measures to try and reduce piracy of their new game, Game Dev Tycoon. It’s a shame that most guys that got the “cracked” version don’t get the irony in it.

  • Unheap - a tidy repository of jQuery plugins

    The place to go when you need a jQuery plugin. The beautifull great UI/UX makes it the best of it’s kind.

  • Sensus - App Enhancing Case

    After the Leap Motion ’s here’s another device that promises a whole other level of possibilities, this time to iOS applications. bq. Sensus is a smartphone case that introduces touch technology to the back and right side of a protective case. I’m patiently waiting for the end of May to see if I can get my hands in one of those. Imagine all the things you can do with it…

  • Introducing A New Article Design - The New York Times

    Looking good.