design is in the code

  • Introducing A New Article Design - The New York Times

    Looking good.

  • Apps Are Creating New Jobs

    “A good read”: about the services revolving around specific applications in the different mobile stores, markets or whatever it is yours is called.

  • Campus Quad iPhone app

    bq. We developed a social app for a new startup called Campus Quad that lets students explore what’s happening on campus – in real time. “SoftFaçade”: managed not only the create a great looking application[1] but also to create the best Case Study I’ve ever put my eyes on. Nice pretty animation that result in a timeline of the entire process. 1 - According to the screenshot on the site. The fact that it’s only for US schools stop you at the first screen.

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  • | Anybody can learn

    bq. Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code. I have mixed feelings about the concept. Why not design, art, dance? I’m sure there are more important things that students should have access to before.

  • How I ended up with Mac

    bq. To me, the fragmentation of Linux as a platform, the multiple incompatible distros, and the incompatibilities across versions of the same distro were my Three Mile Island/Chernobyl. bq. Without noticing, I stopped turning on the screen for my Linux machine during 2012. By the time I moved to a new apartment in October of 2012, I did not even bother plugging the machine back and to this date, I have yet to turn it on.

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