design is in the code

  • CSS PhotoEditor for new features of iOS6


  • Why You Should Pick Your Own Boss

    bq. The simple reasons why your boss matters more than you realize are: - A good boss in a mediocre company will protect you and support you on a daily basis. - A bad boss in a good company will frustrate and demoralize you on a daily basis. Great advice for those looking for a job change.

  • Technical Debt Will Kill You (If You Let It)

    A good piece of opinion about the choices made on early stages of any given project.

  • NSBackbone

    Yet another great small library. Built after “Backbone.js”: it eases the pain of updating the UI each time a model’s data changes. “Have a look”: and be sure to read the “blog post about it”:

  • Underscore.m

    A great library to every iOS Developer toolbox. bq. Underscore.m is a small utility library to facilitate working with common data structures in Objective-C. It tries to encourage chaining by eschewing the square bracket]]]]]]. It is inspired by the awesome “underscore.js”: Underscore.m was written by “Robert Böhnke”:, it is MIT licensed.