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WWDC 2011 thoughts

This week starts with a busy day for all geeks as “Apple WWDC 2011”: and “E3 (E3 Expo)": go on at the same time! Due to time constraints I’ve only managed to watch/follow the WWDC keynote.

My list of preferences as a user/developer are described bellow. Further opinion about each of the listed features will be added soon in a separate post.

The 1500+ APIs iOS introduces mean there will be a lot to get up to speed to. From the quick reading through the documentation there are not only good additions but also long waited enhancements to existing APIs.

h4. Lion

  • Multitouch gestures
  • Document versioning
  • AirDrop
  • Mail - not sure about this one. Will it replace “Sparrow”: as my mail client? Not sure.
  • Full-Screen Apps

h4. iOS 5

  • Notification Center - Android anyone?
  • Mac/PC free activation
  • Wireless Sync
  • iMessage
  • iCloud
  • Twitter integration

I’m still making my mind about iCloud.

I have yet to test the Xcode Developer Preview but there seems, again, from the documentation, to be considerable changes in the app development process. Most of them meant to facilitate the tasks at hand. I’d be happy of the only improvement was code completion and coloring. But hey, that’s me.

The fact that most of the features are under NDA(nondisclosure agreement) doesn’t allow for further details on Xcode.