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by José Carlos Joaquim

Sensus - App Enhancing Case

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After the "Leap Motion": 's here's another device that promises a whole other level of possibilities, this time to iOS applications. bq. "Sensus": Read More…


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Yet another great small library. Built after "Backbone.js": it eases the pain of updating the UI each time a model's data changes. "Have a look": Read More…


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A great library to every iOS Developer toolbox. bq. Underscore.m is a small utility library to facilitate working with common data structures in Objective-C. It tries to encourage chaining by eschewi Read More…

iOS: A visual history

tagged in: iOS, timeline

A great timeline of the iOS evolution throughout the years. Beautifully done. Read More…

My iPad 3/iPad HD predictions/wishlist

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It will be bigger, better, brighter and faster. And my wishlist: - User Accounts - Settings as a Notification Panel entry - Siri API (pretty please?) Read More…

Automatic Reference Counting explained

tagged in: iOS, Objective-C, Xcode

I've vaguelly referenced it before (pun intended) and last week Mike Ash finally talks about it and, as usual, explains it all. If you're interested in learning all about Automatic Reference Counting Read More…

KIF - Square's iOS Integration Testing

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KIF - Square's iOS Integration Testing
KIF - Square's iOS Integration Testing
If you have unit tests[1] in your iOS apps, which you should, and want to simulate user interaction you're surely using Instruments' UI Automation[2] which cons Read More…

Automatic Reference Counting

tagged in: iOS, Objective-C, LLVM

One of the many things iOS 5 introduces is Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) that takes away most of the memory management pains and let's the compiler deal with them. In Apple's "iOS 5 for Develope Read More…

Evernote Peek

tagged in: evernote, iOS, smart cover

Evernote Peek is a free app designed to help you study, learn and strengthen your memory. Interacting with Peek is pretty intuitive. Once you've connected Peek to your Evernote account and selected yo Read More…

WWDC 2011 thoughts

tagged in: wwdc, apple, iOS

This week starts with a busy day for all geeks as "Apple WWDC 2011": and "E3 (E3 Expo)": go on at the same time! Due to time constraints I've only Read More…

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Hello, my name is José Carlos Joaquim and I'm a iOS and Ruby developer working in Paris. I'm passionate about my wife and kids, technology and I really appreciate cheese.

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