design is in the code

  • Modern IDEs are magic. Why are so many coders still using Vim Emacs?

    They say old habits die hard. That must be the reason why so many of my developer colleagues like using Vim (mostly) to develop these days. I must admit I never understood the why of it, but if you’re ok with it, use whatever makes you happy.

  • AWS re: Invent 2020

    This year’s AWS conference, re: Invent, is a fully virtual one. If you never heard of re: Invent, it’s the conference where AWS announces what they’ve been working on, and what the competition has to catch-up with (the list is long).

  • Raspberry Pi 400

    I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this to come along. It shouldn’t take that long for it to become available in my usual supplier. Someone’s getting one for Christmas, now that the Arduino interest is starting to pick up some steam.

  • Things Are Moving

    For a while, I was trying to get back to publishing some content in this space. As things start to come together on other parts, I finally found some time to overhaul the site. After some changes, I settled with Hugo. Pretty fast, simple. For the theme, I’ve made some modifications to the Kiera theme by Daniel Saunders. As you can easily see, I’ll have to check how to display links in excerpts.

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  • Cello - Higher level programming in C

    The high level stucture of Cello projects is inspired by Haskell, while the syntax and semantics are inspired by Python and Obj-C. Cello isn’t about Object Orientation in C, but I hope that with Cello I’ve turned C into something of a dynamic and powerful functional language which it may have once been. Although the syntax is pleasant, Cello isn’t a library for beginners. It is for C power users, as manual memory management doesn’t play nicely with many higher-order concepts.